DIVANO Hardwood Flooring

The 100% SOLID wood flooring that we process, commercialize and install at DIVANO, is made with state of the art technology and the highest quality standards. In our production process, we use several tree species: Granadillo, Sapanwood, Guaimaro, Macareno, Almendro, and Incense.

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DIVANO Structured Hardwood Flooring

DIVANO introduces to the Colombian market the latest innovation regarding high-end SOLID wood flooring; combining exceptional stability, and resistance to deformation due to environmental humidity or sudden temperature changes. On international markets it is known as ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING, for the high engineering levels used in each stage of the manufacturing process.

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DIVANO Laminated Wood Flooring

Exclusivity, Quality, Harmony, Style, and Accountability, are the main characteristics of our HIGH RANGE LAMINATED WOOD FLOORING imported from Europe. From modern models, to natural streak-patterned wood, the High Range Laminated Wood Flooring,, will help you in designing your personal space.

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DIVANO Vintage Hardwood Flooring

DIVANO presents its new collection of VINTAGE hardwood floors, with unique textures and colors that will give your spaces a unique look.

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DIVANO Imported Outdoor Decks

The new outdoor decks imported by DIVANO, bring a new concept that mixes beauty and imagination; inviting the creation of different spaces, each with its own identity and elegance, which fuse together seamlessly with the pleasure and enjoyment of living.

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