Our History

DIVANO is a company with over thirty years in the market, which has always been concerned about achieving excellence in design and production of furniture and high-specification solid wood flooring.


Weather is a determining factor for wood flooring behavior and stability, and due to the unpredictable climate change phenomena taking place during the last few years, DIVANO made the decision to make a worldwide search for manufacturing companies with high-spec solid multilayered wood flooring production capabilities, able to guarantee an adequate behavior in these specific conditions. That is how after years of searching, DIVANO finally found in Europe, North America and South America, factories capable of producing highly engineered multilayered solid wood flooring, and last generation unique laminated wood flooring, that gave us every assurance to include them in our portfolio.


We have worked hard at DIVANO to assure that permanence remains our main objective. For us permanence is more than a word; simply put it is: knowledge, experience, trajectory, responsibility, and the most important, accountability for our clients.


Welcome to DIVANO, here the spaces and objects which you have always dreamt of, can become a reality.


Revitalizing the brand

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Bogotá - Colombia - South America

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